Seminars and Exhibitions


At ATTILIO, seminars are held from 2015 onwards with renowned artists as teachers.

The motivation for organizing these courses was our willingness to familiarize the public, who sees or uses a handmade object, with all the stages of such a fascinating, but also painful process of its realization.

The themes of the seminars – making jewellery, handmade paper, textiles, creating a handmade doll, etc. – are closely related to the projects we host in our space.

Our expectation is, through the lessons, to approach with a new look the beauty, the know-how and the high cultural value of every handmade work of art.



In our shop windows – imaginary windows in the eyes of the passing by – we have been hosting, since 2014, periodic exhibitions the works of our collaborating artists or independent creators.

With a starting point that can start from a phrase, an idea, a thought, we invite the creators to unfold their own story presenting unique works, without limitation in size or material.

The imprint of this creative process is for us at ATTILIO, as well as for every conscious or just passing by spectator, a form of different communication.

A communication charged with the emotion that every work of art brings and which leaves its imprint in the soul, in the look, in our mind.

The poster from the Attilio event entitled "Light and Transparency"
The poster from the Attilio event entitled "On the occasion of a circle"