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Personal data policy

What data do we collect and when?

During your visit to our website we do not collect data, but through cookies only anonymous information that includes the general location (country, city), if you have visited the website again and the pages which you visit within it. During your registration and/or your connection, this data is identified with the respective username and is collected, as in the previous case, anonymously.

When you register or order in the e-shop the data collected is what you provide to us willingly to complete your order. They are used exclusively for the processing of your order, as well as for communication with you if a problem arises.

If the IP of the user is recorded after the order, this information is used exclusively as a security measure against actions with possible deceit and/or attempt to violate the rules governing this site.

If you contact us through the contact form the data collected is what you fill in the form.

When is your data deleted?

The anonymous statistics we collect during your visit are automatically deleted. The information stored on each cookie is deleted separately per cookie and is in accordance with the Cookies Policy.

The personal data of a registered user is kept for as long as he is registered on the website until the user requests their deletion or simply unsubscribe from the website.

The data of each order, after its completion, are stored exclusively for statistical purposes until the user requests their deletion.

What purpose do we use your data for?

The website guarantees to the users/customers that all the data they provide are used exclusively for the implementation, development and optimization of the services provided by the specific website and only him.

The anonymous information collected during your visit to the website is used as a whole for the development of the services provided as well as for statistical purposes.

During your registration or order in the e-shop, the data you provide to us is used exclusively for the processing of your order, as well as for communication with you if a problem arises.

Is your data secure?

The website guarantees the security and protection of users’ personal data. All personal data you provide to us during shipping is encrypted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and are located behind additional security measures provided by each hosting provider.

We take all necessary security measures to prevent third parties from accessing the stored data. These measures shall be reviewed and amended as necessary.

Who manages your data? is a family business website and therefore your data is not managed by third parties.

Disclosure of data to third parties and the owners do not share personal data collected during your visit to this site, with third parties. We do not disclose to anyone and for any reason the details of its members/users unless requested to do so in court and in accordance with the procedure provided by the law.

An exception to the above rule is the respective hosting provider to whose servers the website is hosted, as well as the partners with whom there is a business relationship with the condition that all data remains confidential.

User rights

Each member/user has access to the data that concern him/her according to no. 12 of law 2472/97.

You have the right to be informed by us if we process your data, for the reason of processing, the type of data we hold, who manages it, how long we store it, and also for your other rights, such as the limitation of processing, correction and deletion of data which concern you.

You have the right to request the correction of inaccurate personal data based on articles 11 to 13 of law 2472/97, by submitting a request for correction. It is noted that the correction of the data exists only in the case of a registered user, wherein this case it can be done also by you through the user control panel. Orders’ data cannot be corrected.

You have the right to delete the data that concerns you, either as a registered user where it can be done by you through the user control panel or as a number of orders.

You have the right for the portability of your data, where you can ask us to download the personal data you have submitted to the website or to ask us to transfer it to another body.

For any request related to the processing of your data and the exercise of your above rights, you can send a relevant email to We will respond to your request as soon as possible, and in any case within 30 calendar days from the day of receipt.

Cookies Policy

Cookies are text files that are sent to the browser by a website visited by the user and make it easier for the website to memorize information about the visit, such as the preferred language, browser type and other similar information. This can make the next visit easier and make the site more direct to the user. uses cookies exclusively for the implementation, development and optimization of the services provided by the specific website and only that. Most cookies stored in the user’s browser by are deleted after leaving the site.

Users can prevent cookie’s use through the browser which they use if they wish, but there is no guarantee that in this case, the website will work properly.

The cookies we use are divided into 3 categories:

The cookies which are necessary for the proper operation of the website, such as user identification cookies, security cookies, cookies for the products’ basket, etc.

Session cookies which are based on the user’s interaction with the website and are used to develop the services of the online store and to optimize its browsing experience. It is possible to block or delete them without affecting the basic functions and services of the website.

Google’s cookies (Analytics) which are tools used widely for the anonymous information of users’ preferences for the development and optimization of the website. You can read Google’s policy on Analytics cookies here.