At Attilio,
becomes “art”.
Small box with Attilio logo during the packing process
Picture of small box with ring inside during packing process


Packaging in ATTILIO is a “ritual” which is connected both with the uniqueness of each artwork and with the “attention” which was invested by our customer for its choice. Each work is accompanied by the biography of its creator as we believe that a few words about the creator can say a lot about the work itself.


It is a “ritual” associated with both the uniqueness of each artwork and the careful selection of the client.
Small decorated box with Attilio logo, and small paper packing bag
Small box with Attilio logo and materials used in the packaging process


Then follows the numbering of the series as well as a reference to its construction technique. There are no standard materials in our packages. Sometimes unusual, strange, and sometimes very simple, they are always combined in such a way that “packaging” becomes “art”.