Eugenia Zoidaki was born in Chania-Crete in 1981. She lives and works between Athens and the Netherlands. She attended applied arts classes in high school and in 2003 graduated from the Mokume School of Silver and Gold smithing, where she studied design & manufacture of handmade and productive jewelry.

Since 2004 she has participated in group exhibitions: at the Mokume school, at the jewelry museum of Elias Lalaounis, at the Eastpack Artist Studio, at the contemporary Greek jewelry, at the Barking Cat Brussels in Brussels (2017), at the international jewelry design exhibition Sieraad Art Fair 2017 at Amsterdam and Munich Jewelry Week 2018.

She has worked in jewelry stores as a designer and craftswoman. Since 2015, she has her own workshop, “ευζώ” (euzo), where she creates jewelry made of silver, gold, copper, mineral stones, synthetic materials.

All her creations are inspired by everything that surrounds and influences her, from the ancient art of Greek culture to what the eye captures in modern cities.

The name of the workshop, “ευζώ”, was formed using the first two letters of the full name Eugenia Zoidaki and is a reference to the ancient Greek term εὖ ζῆν. The term consists of the words εὖ, which means “well”, and ζῆν, which means “survival”, “life”. For the ancient Greeks, εὖ ζῆν, ie the good quality of life, in relation to good health, can be achieved through the turn to nature and the study of the past of humanity through great cultures, traditions, myths, religions and ways of life.