Giota Zeriti was born, lives and works in Athens.

Multidimensional personality was experimented within various fields before settling in the field of jewelry.

She studied and involved professionally, for several years, with music.

The beginning for the jewels to finally get her, was made years ago with a jewel from Egypt, made with fruits. She was enchanted by the earthly beauty of a cheap material. For a long time she experimented with fruits, pieces of wood, and aromatic roots.

In her creations, she is left to be guided by the material itself with its limitations, but also its possibilities.

Open to the challenges posed by her artistic concerns, she includes, in recent years, vinyl as a basic material in her work. Her jewelry is reminiscent of small-scale architectural images.

Color is an element with a key role in her works. Sometimes explosive and sometimes with gentle scaling it gives the jewelry the feeling of a landscape.