Savina Vasileiadi

I have always avoided both fashion and tradition but not consciously and by nature I prefer to make things that make me feel rather than things that make me think. I am attracted by the detail more than the whole. I have honored nature as the supreme artist.

My inspiration is the result of endless walks on the east and west coasts of the USA and Greece. Facing the creations of nature, thought remains meteoric and the sense of time is lost. The story that has always fascinated me is the one that the elements of nature write when they interact with each other, creating compositions that are eternally evolving and yet perfect at all times. The satisfaction I get working with clay is the feeling that I have shared even an infinitesimal of its processes. If I had to answer what led my hands when I was exploring I would say I wanted to relive what I felt on those walks.

I have used porcelain and stoneware for their properties, trying to highlight in each of them its expressive dynamics, its language. I bake the clay at high temperatures because they make it travel farther.

Clay does not obey, does not bow, does not submit. You can not deceive him, he probably deceives you. I try to respect his rules, acrobatic between the more and the less, knowing well that I have to upset the balance in order to make him speak.

I feel immense gratitude when the furnace gives something that breathes and thirsts for light.