Varvara Perraki was born and raised in Piraeus. She studied decoration while at the same time she attended painting classes. After finishing her studies, she worked in architectural offices and as a freelancer. She then worked in the graphic arts sector for six years, while at the same time he studied jewelry design and construction.

Her professional career in the field of handmade jewelry began in 2000. The main metal is copper, which with its oxidations enlivens the designs. Copper is combined with silver, semi-precious stones and other natural, mainly materials.

In the Miao Niau series, the classic shapes – full or empty, tied together or with stones – are a field of experimentation. Squares woven with threads with the memory of the loom, circles united like our lives, triangles dyed like our children’s old-fashioned sweaters … The designer tells abstract stories playing with shapes, colors and materials.

Source of her inspiration is the present and the memories, the shadows and the light, the emptiness and the emotions, the harmony and the contrasts. To be continued…