Liana Papalexi

Liana Papalexi was born in Athens and comes from Cairo, Egypt. She studied interior architecture at the TEI of Athens and then attended Fine Arts classes with the Erasmus program at the UIAH University of Finland. She specialized in her studies in ceramics, in the school of the municipality of Nikaia, with professors K. Tarkasis, V. Gounelas, E. Papaioannou, G. Mitsios and others. Immediately after, she attended pedagogical studies at SELETE and later completed her studies with the postgraduate program of EAP, “lighting-multimedia design”, where she combined the art of lighting with that of ceramics.

Initially she worked in architectural offices as a decorator and in the field of theater and advertising, in the scenography department. Then she worked as a teacher in IEK, technical high schools (EPAL), technical schools (EPAS), teaching design, graphic design and decoration, while she has taught ceramics in the schools of Ziridis, in the municipalities of Metamorfosi, Korydallos, as well as in the TEI. Athens. At the same time she deals professionally with singing.

She has collaborated with the “Astrolavos” gallery, the Benaki Museum and some art shops. She has participated in group exhibitions at “Astrolavo”, at “Artower” and at pan-Hellenic ceramics exhibitions in Maroussi. In November 2015 she participates in a group exhibition at the Alma Gallery (Trikala), while in June she takes part in the Ceramics Biennale in Faenza, Italy, with a sculpture transparent and illuminated by porcelain. In addition to porcelain, she also uses low-temperature clays that are baked at 1020 o degrees Celsius for the first baking and after being enameled, are baked again at the same temperature.

In her latest work she collaborates with George Pontikis, who intervenes in her painting by enriching it with crackers, smokes, metallicities, which only alternative baking methods such as Raku, can achieve.

Participation in exhibitions

  • • 45th Panhellenic 2006, title “Land and seabed”.
  • Astrolabe 2009, group exhibition on “Everything for the child”.
  • Astrolabe 2010, artistic constructions and group exhibition of collaborators.
  • Artower 2010, group exhibition entitled “Small is smart”.
  • 50th Panhellenic 2012, title “Manites”.
  • Alma gallery, Trikala, 2015, title of the group exhibition “Now”.
  • Biennale, 59th Faenza Prize, 2015-2016, project title, “Alice in porcelain sealand”.
  • Attilio, 2016, title of the group exhibition “Light and Transparency”.
  • Balkan art gallery, Xanthi, 2017, title of the group exhibition “Diversity”.