Alexis Papachatzis was born in Athens in 1977. He grew up in a family environment rich in artistic stimuli. At a very young age he would come into contact with both the art of theater and cinema – from the part of his father – and the art of ceramics – from the part of his mother -. These two art forms will follow him later as he will study Decoration at the Technical and Vocational College as well as Ceramics at the school of Nice. After completing his military service, his inspiration returns and is expressed through his work in wood and metal but also in his first creations in jewelry.

His thirst for knowledge leads him to the Vocational Training Institute where he becomes a cameraman. He is particularly attracted by the theatrical environment and, moreover, by the theater lighting. He undertakes lighting studies under the guidance of Michalis Bouris.

In 2000 he meets Vassilis Athanasakis and the “Athenian Puppets”. Fascinated, he attends seminars by Francisco Brito and participates in a series of puppetry festivals both in Greece and abroad. The year 2001 is a milestone for his artistic development after his meeting with Dimitris Galanopoulos. An artist who will become the guide and teacher for the manufacture of his jewelry. Since then an artistic flourishing begins. Windmills, stairs, bridges and cyclists in dreamlike landscapes, any jewelry design that captivates the imagination, begin to take shape. In 2013 he set up his own workshop in Athens, under the Acropolis.