Antigone Koukou

She was born in Athens. She discovered her passion for jewelry at a very young age, in her parents’ workshop. After completing her studies in Business Administration with a Master’s Degree in Project Planning and Design in Edinburgh, Scotland, she began working on what she had always admired: jewelry design.

With the help of her parents’ experience, (creators of the silver handmade jewelry brand, “Koukos Art Jewelery”, she was introduced to all stages of construction, from design and traditional metallurgical techniques to the creation of a complete, beautiful and easy to wear jewelry.

As a designer, she emphasizes every detail, using only silver in her creations.

Each part in a piece of jewelry, up to the handmade clasp, is carefully assembled next to each other, so that they finally form a unique piece of modern aesthetics.

For Antigone, the most enjoyable aspect of her job is to turn her inspiration into perfect pieces and see someone wear them and enjoy them.