Tina Kotsoni was born in 1975 in Piraeus. After graduating from the School of Merchant Mariners in 1997, she began to work in jewelry. She starts studying in a private school, then works in a jewelry workshop, gaining – in essence – experience through practice.

She started her own course in Greek Jewelry in 2004.

In 2006 she met Efthymis Stergioulas and together they moved to Aegina. There, first, they set up her workshop, their home, and then a gallery that presents works by her and others.

She works her jewelry in silver, gold, or brass, often combining metal with gemstones and pearls.

Her jewelry is recognizable as each one bears the stigma of her own personality. Motivated by her love for what she does, either by “sewing” the jewelry with metal thread, or by “printing” on it the landscape of the surface of a rock, she is constantly looking for new ways…