1968: Graduated from the Tashkent School of Music.
1975: Graduated from the State Conservatory. By decision of the Tashkent State Committee, she was awarded the specialty of Piano Teacher, Accompaniment and Artist.
1981: Graduated from the State Institute of Culture, specialized in Cultural / Educational Work & Choir Conducting. She was awarded the title of Master of Pedagogy. In the same year, by decision of the State Examination Committee, she was awarded the specialty of Culture / Educational Network Consultant and Director of Amateur Choir. She has been awarded twice by the Tashkent Ministry of Culture for the seminars and concerts she organizes with her students at the city’s Conservatories.

From September 1998 until today she teaches at the Athens International Conservatory.

Since 2015 she is sharing her time with music and painting.
She has participated in the stock seminar series of “Pencil Art Studio” in Israel, with the painter Katrin Dubinsky.
In November 2016, she became a member of the group “Greek and Foreign Creators”.
She deals with painting and the creation of miniatures, with pebbles as the main ingredient.


2016 – Vault Complex (Group Exhibition, Athens) – Aliko Multipurpose Center (Group Exhibition, Athens)

2017 – Aliko Multipurpose Center (Group Exhibition, Athens) – Time of Art Gallery (Kifissia Group Exhibition) – Vault Multipurpose Center (Open September Festival)

2018 MegArt Gallery (Group exhibitions, Athens).