I was born in Athens in 1977. I studied at the Department of International and European Economic Studies, at the Athens University of Economics and Business. But my heart always belonged elsewhere. I captured on paper small architectural details of the city, I photographed old doors, I painted, I experimented with all kinds of materials. In parallel with my studies, I attended the department of micro-sculpture and handmade jewelry, at HEN of Kifissia, with the teacher Despina Kalliga.

Later, I decided to cross the threshold of Vakalo, and there, I found myself in the universe of my dreams. I got a scholarship, I worked for the decoration department of IKEA, I collaborated with remarkable people in architectural offices, I participated in the setting up of exhibition stands and at the same time I searched and mixed with clay, metal and paper. Art is generous. The more you search for it, the more it gives you. It always gives you.

Since 2008, I work alone. Designing houses to fit the dreams of ordinary people, sculpting and making small objects and drilling into the baptisms of small, wonderful creatures. This last one fills me with colors, joy and optimism.

ATTILIO is for me the window through which, the artistic soul which lives inside me, gazes at the world.