She was born and raised in Rhodes, the island of the knights of Agios Ioannis and the house of the ancient God of the Sun.

“My childhood is full of images of unique and wonderful handicrafts with elaborate ornaments, made by my metalworker grandfather and my carpenter father.”

Influenced by them, she learned to work and create with her own hands. For eight years he was involved in ceramics and engraving. A little later, she will move on to the wonderful world of handmade jewelry making.

In 1989 she opens her own workshop.

Since then, creations of unique jewelry, with her favorite materials, the bright semi-precious stones, tied with wood or silver, bear her signature.

She has participated in many exhibitions in Athens and abroad (Birmingham England, Munich Germany). Her jewelry is exhibited in selected stores in Greece and Cyprus, in Marseille of France, Bilbao of Spain and Aalborg of Denmark.