She was born in Sweden in 1948.

1968-1973. National College of Art and Design,Γκέτεμποργκ, Σουηδία.
1978. Settled in Greece.
1980. Became a member of AFI (Athens)

She worked as a set designer and costume designer at the Boras Theater and the Gothenburg Opera House, Sweden.

Participated in the theatrical production Tältprojektet, 1977, Sweden.

Since 1973, her work has been exhibited in group and personal exhibitions in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, the Faroe Islands, the Netherlands and Greece. Her works are in the Röhsska Museum in Gothenburg and in many institutions and museums in Sweden.

She designed for IKEA, Grune Erde and Tindaholm Cultural Center in Sweden.

She was funded by the Fine Arts Scholarship Committee (Stockholm, Sweden). This strengthened her research on silk weaving in the area of India and on the weaving techniques.

Since 2006 she has been participating as an photographer and assistant director in an ethnomusicological research in the province of the North-West Frontier of Pakistan under the direction of Giannis Manolidakis. The resulting documentary, entitled “Tsaomos: The Winter Festival of Kalas”, was screened at the Greek Film Festival in London, in November 2008.